Charlestown resident sentenced to two years imprisonment for crack-cocaine

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Acting on information received, Police Officers on Nevis executed a search warrant on the premises of Charmaine Stevens of Happy Hill Drive on Friday, July 25, 2014. During the search, officers found a quantity of crack-cocaine on the premises. Keishawn Gilbert who was an occupant of the home along with two other female occupants were arrested and taken into police custody.

Keishawn Gilbert
Keishawn Gilbert

The following day, the three were remanded to Her Majesty Prison after they were all charged with possession of crack-cocaine and possession with the intent to supply to another. Gilbert was also charged with larceny and receiving. He was accused of stealing and receiving (1) Iphone, (1) protective case and (1) Lime Sim card from the property of Ishan Tyson. The total value of the goods was ECD1742. 20.00.

After spending two days remanded, the two females along with Gilbert appeared before the District ‘C’ Magistrate Court on Tuesday, July 29, 2014 to have their matter heard.

Gilbert pleaded guilty to possession of crack-cocaine and not guilty to the other charges. After his guilty plea the Police Prosecution which was led by Inspector Stephens Hector offered no evidence against the females, and as a result they were free to leave.

According to the facts read by Inspector Hector, officers searched the premises occupied by Gilbert and found two white containers containing a number of solid substance wrapped with tin foil along with some money behind the television in his bedroom. When questioned about the findings of the substance found wrapped in foil, Gilbert told the offices that they were tablets. However, the officer suspected the findings to be crack-cocaine and as a result he was arrested. At the station the defendant admitted that the findings were indeed crack-cocaine. A total of 19 pieces of the drugs were retrieved along with $92.00 U.S and $3390.00 E.C. from the bedroom. At the police station, police retrieved an additional amount of $640.00 E.C from his pants pocket.

After making his guilty plea, Gilbert’s Attorney, Rhonda Nisbett-Browne addressed the court. She asked the court to provide a sentence that was fair and just. She also asked the court not to impose a custodial sentence. Attorney Nisbett-Browne mentioned the daughter of the defendant who lives with him. According to Attorney Nisbett-Browne, Gilbert plays a big part in his daughter’s life. She explained that he was the bread-winner and he took care of all of the household bills. The Attorney indicated that a custodial sentence would greatly affect the child who shares a close bond with her father. She respectively asked the court to consider that Gilbert took blame and accepted his wrong-doing and that he did not waste the court’s time. Attorney Nisbett-Browne concluded by asking the court to impose a fine and not a custodial sentence.

The mother of the defendant also spoke to the court on her son’s behalf. She stated that Keishawn is a good child and a great father. She told the court that she raised him up good and she did not know how he got caught up in breaking the law. With teary eyes, she said that she would be getting married in two weeks and it was Gilbert who was supposed to act as father-giver. She begged the court for mercy. According to the mother, Gilbert’s daughter keeps asking for her father and she did not know what to say to her. In closing she told the court that she was looking forward for her son to give her away in two weeks.

Her Honor, Magistrate Yasmine Clarke without addressing the court convicted and sentenced the 29 year old to two years imprisonment. However, she indicated that the money found on his person would be handed over but the monies found with the drug would be confiscated.

The matter pertaining to the stolen phone would be heard sometime in September.

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