By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-There is a brand new book being offered for sale in Nevis.
It is a book entitled: “Recipes by Silvester Wallace-Turning local produce into Refined dishes.”

The book is written by renowned local Chef, Silvester Wallace and covers over fifty ‘of the top rated Caribbean creole recipes,’ all presented with Mr. Wallace’s unique touch.
Some of the broad topics covered in the book, include:
Hors d’oeurve; chowder; soup; salad; salad dressing; vegetables; rice and pasta; meat; poultry; sea food and dessert.

Wallace, who is currently employed by the Nevis Island Administration, at the Community Development Department, as a Culinary Arts Trainer, received early training in his beloved field, in Barbados.
He later took up employment at the world famous, Four Seasons Resort. He not only worked at the hotel based in Nevis, but also had stints at Four Seasons Resorts in Texas and Chicago in the USA.

As part of his mandate, Wallace has an ongoing program of teaching his skills to interested persons around the island, via various courses and workshops.
He has now expanded his method of teaching by producing the book.
The book can be purchased at local outlets at a small cost of $65.00 EC.

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