Chevening Scholarships Are Currrently Available

OECS Secretariat

Press Release

CASTRIES, St. Lucia (OECS) — The prestigious scholarships are aimed at exceptional individuals, with leadership potential, who wish to study for a one year Masters degree in any subject.

The scholarships are very competitive but offer full tuition, travel expenses and a monthly stipend.

Those who have undertaken them, including many senior figures globally and in the Caribbean, have found them to be a life changing experience. If you know any potential future leaders in Government, business, the arts, civil society or academia please let them know about this wonderful opportunity.

The UK Government is deeply committed to their relationships in the Caribbean and as such they have increased the number of scholarships offered in the Caribbean for the 2015-16 academic year.

Applicants must be nationals of OECS countries or Barbados; hold a degree equivalent to a 2.19 (hons) or higher and have at least two year’s real world experience in the work-force (or volunteering).

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