Clash of Major Culturama Events Averted

By: Curtis Morton

The good news is that a possible clash of two major sporting events as part of the 2013 Culturama activities, has been averted. The word is that the major players for the Nevus Turf and Jockey Club and the Drag Racing Unit, have come to a compromise, along with the timely intervention of Minister of Sports, Hon. Mark Brantley.

Apparently, both entities wanted to keep their event on the coveted day, Sunday August 4th but that day is now reserved for a major Drag racing event and the Nevis Turf and Jockey club will now get two bites at the cherry with two big events: The first will be on Sunday 28th July and the second will be just after Culturama concludes, on Sunday 11th August.

President of the Nevis Turf and Jockey Club Allister Thompson, gave an exclusive interview with NTV Sports’ summer job attachment interns, Adrian Williams and Jesse Browne, on Thursday 18th July.
He also informed that there will be five exciting races, involving 22 horses.

The expected match ups all promise to be really exciting:
Main event: Mr. Big Pepe; Wild Candy; Real Aspectation and Lowette’s Hill-8 furlongs
Final race: Real Magic; Obama; Hawley’s Wild fire-6 furlongs
Class C-Rosman; Emil J; Lady Boss; X-Mind
D Class-Lady Pleasure; Princess Melody; Primavera
Race one—Grey Ghost; Dashing Dale; Omega Moments; All Eyes on Me.

He also noted that the Jockey crisis from the last event has also been resolved and that some four local jockeys will be on show: Brem Liburd; Patrick Howell; Kyle Doras and Super Cat. Three more jockeys are also expected over from St.Kitts.

The NTJC is also working on improving the layout of the 26 acres of available land and is also improving the fencing on the exterior and working on developing a car park.

Primary schoolers will be allowed in free for the two meets; High schoolers will pay $10.00 and adults will pay the usual $20.00.

Thompson used the opportunity to thank the sponsors of the events which include the Nevis Island Administration and asked the general public to show up in their numbers to witness the two exciting meets.

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