Clifford BUBBA Parry takes OUTLAW Class at Drag race

Sunday 5th August, saw another in the exciting series of Drag Races at the St. James’ Raceway.
A huge crowd showed up for the 2018 Culturama races and were thrilled with the speed on the track.
The top placers were as follows:
Outlaw class
1st place-Clifford BUBBA Parry (Toyota Supra model)
2nd place-Lorne Daniel (twin turbo Fox body Mustang)
10 seconds
1st place-Nubian Greux/Akeem Walters (Nissan skyline model)
2nd place-Melbert Pemberton (Nissan skyline model)
11 seconds
1st place-Travice Jeffers (Nissan Silvia model)
2nd place-Alex Percival (Toyota supra)
12 seconds
1st place-Calbert Williams
2nd place-Bernel Nisbett (Nissan 350 z)
13 seconds
1st place-Alexander James-(Honda Integra type)
2nd place-Jodean James (Toyota Corolla)

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