Clyde Nisbett and Al Take Domino Championship

1st Place Clyde and Al

A recent domino tournament was held at the GOOD VYBZ BAR, situated at Beach Road, on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th of September.

Making it to the Quarter Finals were:

*Zone (A) 1st place Virgil / Byron Vs zone (B) 4th place Davis & Co

*Zone (B) 1st place Managed & Co Vs Zone (A) 4th place Jo -Jo & Taker

*Zone (B) 2nd place Morton & Co Vs Zone (A) 3rd place De Rock & Co

*Zone (A) 2nd place Zulu / Joe Vs Zone (B) 3rd place Mello / Ricky

When the dust settled the top placements were as follows:

First place Winner -Clyde Nisbett and Al

2nd place Winner Morton & Co

3rd place Winner Byron and Virgil

4th place Winner Joe and Zulu / Pancake

Players in action
3rd Place Winner Byron and Virgil
Domino 2nd Place Kirthly Morton and Co

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