(EMU) – St. Kitts, September 13, 2016: Fourteen coaches were dubbed pioneers of the Primary Schools Physical Education Pilot Project.

“The aim is for the P.E. Programme to develop our children holistically through appropriate activities including fitness and sports-oriented activities to promote physical, emotional and social well being,”  facilitator Ms Michelle Sutton said.

She added that the objective was to ensure that children learned the habit and benefits of physical activity from a young age that they could take into their adult lives.  “All secondary schools in the Federation have persons assigned to physical education but unfortunately we have to start somewhere.”

Ms Sutton whose brain child the project was is an education officer who is passionate about children’s physical development. According to Sutton, a week of activities (Sept 5-9) featured training for the coaches who will be involved in piloting the project which starts initially at the Bronte Welsh, Beach Allen and Deane Glasford Primary Schools.

The coaches reviewed important concepts such as the definitions of sports and physical education, as well as basic anatomy and physiology, child psychology, and levels of physical fitness.

The programme which naturally became a collaborative venture between the Ministries of Education and Sport was applauded by Director of Sport, Mr. Anthony Wiltshire, who expressed the full participation of his Department in ensuring that children accomplish the goals set in physical education and sports.

He reflected on the added benefits of such a programme. “It means that our children are being engaged at such an early stage then we’re looking at healthy living so perhaps this huge numbers of diabetes we have in this country; high blood pressure etc, would be reduced.”

Participant and President of the St. Kitts Amateur Basketball Association, Kenroy Tobias who made remarks on behalf of participants noted that the information and expertise gained would apply to their work in primary schools but would also extend to sport of all types and at all levels in the Federation..

Deputy Chief Education Officer Mr. Darryll Lloyd stated the Ministry’s desire to produce children with a firm foundation on which to build active lives.

The Ministry of Education places a high priority on physical education a key component for the development of healthy learning, he said.    

Coordinator Sutton said the Ministry of Education would have follow-up sessions to ensure that the project is effective and that any glitches would be worked out in time for implementation in the other primary schools.

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