Colin Kezron Archibald Satisfied with First CPL Outing

Colin Kezron Archibald, faced the media on Thursday of last week as he reported on his first outing with the St. Kitts – Nevis Patriots, earlier this year.

Archibald noted that he was happy for the experience and thought that it would have helped in a huge way, in his development as a professional cricketer.  He pointed out that he was truly amazed at the intricacies involved in the way, the team strategists planned for an opposing batsman or bowler.

Even though he was anxious to get onto the field of play, early in the tournament, he stated that the team management was able to explain why a particular line up was selected for a particular game, in accordance with the team’s plans and they all wanted what was best for the team.

Regarding his actual on the field outing, Archibald noted that as he walked out he was fully aware that his family members, Nevisian and Leeward Island fans, were all glued to their television sets and he was committed to representing them well.  Unfortunately, he was stumped very early in his innings, as he overbalanced.

As regards his bowling efforts, he thought that he managed pretty well, as he was brought on very close to the end of the game.

Going forward, Archibald is already engaged in serious training and practice sessions for the upcoming regional 50 overs tournament, slated for some time in February and feels at this point, he is fit and rearing to go.

He has set himself a goal of wearing the Windies maroon, by the year 2022.

He has interestingly, suited up for Highlights, in the ongoing local T-20 tournament, instead of his home team, Empire.  This is a move which he notes is very calculated, as he wants his skill levels to receive the serious testing that can be provided by his home team and others.

Before concluding the interview, Archibald spoke to the number of tests that the CPL cricketers had to undergo and the weeks of quarantine, as being truly testing.  He urged the general public to take the COVID-19 crisis seriously and to protect themselves as much as possible

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