Basseterre, St. Kitts, April 07 , 2016 (RSCNPF)— Commissioner of Police Mr. Ian Queeley used his Commissioner’s Lecture today (April 07) as the venue for the re-energized Police Welfare Association and the Police Sports Club to share their 2016 goals and objectives with the Police Service.  

 The Commissioner’s Lecture is a monthly assembly of all officer’s where the Commissioner and the Leadership of the Police Service present information vital to the Police profession.  Topics presented  span the spectrum from professional development to general concerns about the Police Service.  

 Today’s lecture was lively in that the retired Force Chaplain Pastor Leroy Benjamin was present and gave his last words to the officers,  he reminisced about his almost twenty (20) years serving as the Force Chaplain and said, “I am filled with fond memories”.  Pastor Benjamin spoke to the friendships developed and his love for the Police Service and those who serve.  He ended by reaffirming his commitment to assist in any way he can in the future.  

 Presentations were also given by Police Constable Mark Handley, the Chairman of the Police Welfare Association and the Chairman of the Police Sports Club Police Constable Jerry Watt.  

 Constable Handley in speaking to the role of the Welfare Association told the officers, “the welfare association was there for them, it is their advocate, support the organization for the benefit of  the officers.”  The Welfare Association also shared some of the items they will put on the table for discussion this year.  They included pay,  family benefits,  off-duty work and others.  

 An active year for the Sports Club has been planned and was shared by Club Chairman Constable Watt.  The reintroduction of the Police Week and the associated sporting activity is a goal for the club this year.  PC Watt also encouraged the officers to 

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