Communication and Cooperation, not Confrontation for the benefit of the Federation, says Hon. Parry

Charlestown, Nevis (Monday, December 22, 2014)- On the heels of a very successful, SKN ONE EVENT, Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), the Hon. Joseph Parry, told the media on Monday that the NRP and the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party had established a collaboration, to further the goals of progress for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The well attended event was held under the theme Contract for Progress and took place at Pinney’s Beach in Nevis and at Port Zante in St. Kitts simultaneously on Thursday night, December 18th.

“We will remain true to the core values of our individual parties and protect our parties’ uniqueness. We shall maintain our identity, our purpose and the mission of each political party while carrying both islands into a new era of collaboration,” stated Hon Parry.

The leader of the NRP said he believed that the role of the Nevis Island Administration and the Federal Government should be one of great communication between the two governments for the benefit of the islands’ residents. He said it was best to have, “communication; not confrontation”!

Parry went on to state that to pursue agreed goals for the people of St. Kitts-Nevis there was a need to continue working for the benefit of ALL citizens based on respect, transparency, fairness, freedom and justice.

“It is truly unfair when a government has poor policies, no economic plan and would victimize persons in the workplace because they are perceived supporters of the Opposition. Unfortunately today, all of the mentioned unfair policies have become evident practices by the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM), UNITY partner in Nevis”, stated Parry.

He said the agreement of the joint declaration of the NRP and Labour party’s pledge to bring continuous growth to Nevisians and Kittitians in Health, Education, the Economy, National Security and Infrastructure was an excellent one.

Meanwhile, the SKN ONE EVENT on both islands was a grand success that witnessed over 2,500 persons in attendance in Nevis and nearly 5,000 persons in St. Kitts.

The acts in Nevis and St. Kitts included famous Jamaican artist’s I-Octane, and Coppershot who had outstanding performances, which were electrifying and interactive with the crowd as they brought local females on stage to dance. Local artistes for the night also included, Sista Sensia, Nu Vybes and Infamus from St. Kitts, and Ecstasy Sound and the Kore Band from Nevis.

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