Community Development Month Promises Much

Charlestown-Nevis-Mrs. Janet Meloney Director at the Community Services Department is promising another exciting month of activities during the month of May as her department celebrates another Community development month.

According to the calendar of events there will be various open days at community centers across the island and an exciting Community development day.

The full slate of activities is as follows:

Sunday April 29th-Church service

Tuesday 1st May-Cultural presentation at the Jessups community center

Wednesday 2nd May-Focus on your community

Thursday 3rd May-staff retreat

Monday 7th May-Jessups open day-fish fiesta

Tuesday 8th May-Panel discussion on VON radio

Wednesday 9th May-Cultural presentation-Franklyn Browne Community Center

Friday 11th May-Open day at Albertha Payne community center

Tuesday 15th May-Barnes Ghaut open day

Wednesday 16th May-Butler’s open day

Thursday 17th May-Cultural presentation-Albertha Payne Community center

Friday 18th May- jumble sale

Saturday 19th May- Franklyn Browne Community center open day

Monday 21st May-Morning devotion-VON radio

Tuesday 22nd May-Prospect open day

Wednesday 23rd May –Brown Hill open day

Thursday 24th May-Colton Ground open day

Friday 25th May-Community development day

Morning devotion-VON radio

Gospel dance and song contest at NEPAC

Saturday 25th May-Blessings after Blessings Gospel concert at the Cultural complex

Monday 28th May-Corn Mill open day

Tuesday 29th May-Pond Hill open day

Cultural presentation at Pond Hill

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