Community Development Staff Spruce Up Dr Walwyn Plaza

Charlestown, Nevis: The DR Walwyn Plaza in the heart of Charlestown, was a buzz of activity, on Wednesday. May 19, 2021.

Curious onlookers were soon informed that the persons who were busily planting flowers and generally ensuring that the SQUARE had a totally new look, were staff members of the Community Development Department, along with a few volunteers.

Chesley FARO Davis explained that the undertaking was a part of the set activities established for the month, dedicated to community development.  He expressed gratitude to the institutions and individuals who were on board with the endeavour.

At least one of the workers admitted that she was not into gardening, but that she totally enjoyed her day in the sun and was extremely pleased with the end result.

The Community development staff is now hopeful that the members of the general public, who normally use the area, will help to ensure that the plants are kept healthy and alive and that the general area is kept clean, on a daily basis.

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