CONCACAF D-License Course Underway

By:Curtis Morton

A CONCACAF D- license course, commenced at the ET Willett park pavilion, on Monday 20th November.

At the brief opening ceremony, Director of Sports, Mr. Jamir Claxton referred to the course as an opportunity for the potential coaches to become a part of the SKNFA overall set up and may even be given the opportunity to coach some of the federation’s representative youth teams.

He pointed to the fact that himself and Leroy ‘Jun-Jun’ Sweeney, would have completed the course and the two of them have already served at the national level as a result.

He noted that it was the ultimate goal of the SKNFA that the Nevis association become an official part of it and eventually coaches will not be allowed to sit on the benches, without having a license.

One of the facilitators, Jeffrey PEDRO Lewis, was happy to point out that the course was being facilitated by persons from the federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, which is not usually the case, as facilitators are normally flown in from overseas.

He asked the participants to take the sessions seriously and learn as much as they could.

Orel Hughes, the other facilitator, for his part noted that in the quest to make sure that the federation goes forward in the world of Football, that it did not make sense that one half goes without the other—hence the focus on Nevis. He stated that Nevisian referees have already excelled and it is now time for the coaches to also be a part of the development process.

He stressed on the fact that the course was a challenging one and emphasized the necessity for punctuality and regularity in attendance, for persons to successfully complete it.

He indicated that the course was being conducted in order to develop competent coaches who will in turn seek to train youngsters in the game of Football.

The course is expected to conclude on Sunday 26th November.

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