Congratulations to De’Cheynelle Thomas on Winning Gold!

In a remarkable display of athletic prowess, De’Cheynelle Thomas claimed the gold medal this evening in Grenada in the U17 400m category. With a phenomenal time of 56.79 seconds, De’Cheynelle has not only won the race but also secured her place among the fastest young athletes in the region and the world.

De’Cheynelle Thomas

The stadium buzzed with excitement as De’Cheynelle crossed the finish line, her speed and determination evident in every stride. Competing against some of the best in her age group, she remained focused and executed her race plan to perfection.

This outstanding achievement is a testament to De’Cheynelle’s hard work, dedication, and talent. It’s a proud moment for her, her family, and her supporters from her home country, who cheered her on with unwavering enthusiasm. Well done, De’Cheynelle! Your victory is an inspiration to young athletes everywhere.

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