Constables Who Go The Extra Mile Are Recognised For Thier Commitment

Going that extra mile and delivering service that makes a significant difference to the safety of our communities was what was being recognized at the Constables’ Award Ceremony and Dinner at the Occasions Entertainment Arcade in Nevis on Saturday (February 6). Officer Antonio Brown was selected from a group of nine highly talented and top performing officers, eight (8) males and one (1) female to be “2015 Constable of the Year.” 
There were nine (9) Constables nominated for the award: Const. Shayne James, Const. Keith Pemberton, Const. Trevin Mills, Const. Antonio Brown, Const.  Devon Jones, Const. Monthana Mathias, Const. Kaygel Jefferson, Const. Kerran Nicholas and WPC  Dejaunie Williams.Constable Kerran Nicholas and Constable Keith Pemberton were selected as the second and third place respectively.Constable Brown was the second place recipient in 2015.  
Constable Brown, a member of the Forensics Services Unit, reflected on his years of Police Service and said upon receiving the accolade, “I serve as a Police officer because being a member of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police force allows me to do many positive things for the people in the community. When I am on duty, I am proud to know that I can help someone who is in need of help even if it is the simplest of thing.”
He added, “I serve diligently because I love the job of being a Police Officer.  When dealing with the public it is important to be professional as it is an image of what the Royal St.Christopher and Nevis Police force produces.  I am delighted to know that I can be a role model in the community.   The love for the job has influenced me to love and care for others and it motivates me to know that officers are recognized for their hard work, dedication and commitment towards the job”. 
Premier, The Honourable Vance Amory thanked the nominated officers and the others present for their dedication to service on behalf of the residents of Nevis and the Nevis Island Administration.  Prime Minister and Minister of National Security Dr. the Honourable Timothy Harris reaffirmed the support of his government to police and told the officers:
“You should understand that the Nevis Division of the Police Force, the entire High Command of the Police Force and the Government of St. Kitts and Nevis, acknowledge that your efforts mean so much more than what can be conveyed in a simple plaque or certificate.  We encourage all other Police Constables to emulate you and strive to be recipients of awards next year. With the challenges that we face in our communities today, the country needs dedicated Police Officers, not just Police Constables but dedicated officers at all ranks of the Police Force. You are to be commended, rightfully honoured and thanked for your efforts.”
He added, “It is with a sense of pride and honour that I stand today to commemorate and acknowledge some of our finest Police Constables in Nevis. They are the people who are out at night trying to keep our communities safe when the rest of us are sleeping. They are the ones who attend scenes of distress and have to walk away with their emotions intact as if unaffected, only to perhaps see another similar scene on another day.”  He said “Today is about recognizing those people who do just that.”
The National Security Minister also used the opportunity to address the collective body, and said,  “With the challenges that we face in our communities today…..the country needs dedicated Police Officers. Not just Police Constables but dedicated officers at all ranks of the Police Force. You are to be commended, rightfully honoured and thanked for your efforts.”  
He challenged the Officers to continue to “demonstrate professionalism at all times, embody patience even under the most trying of circumstances, even when some of your colleagues would have walked away, demonstrate humanity toward people who some might say deserve none, and show dedication to duty, even when called upon to assist, even when normally you should be on scheduled leave.”
PM Harris ended his remarks by congratulating the nominees, “I am pleased to recognize you as the best of the best this year, among those who have stood and said, “I can do that,” “I can give more,” or “I will walk in harm’s way.  I therefore salute you, the 2015 Nevis Division Police Constables Awardees as exemplars of our finest police officers at your rank.” 
Dignitaries on hand to recognize the officers’ sterling performance were His Excellency the Governor General, Sir S. W. Tapley Seaton,  members of the Nevis Island Administration and representatives to the Nevis Island Assembly, members of the Judiciary, Gazetted Officers and rank and file of the Royal St. Christopher and Nevis Police Force, senior Officials from the Ministry of National Security, Police Service supporters from the Nevis community and a large group of supportive and very appreciative family members. 
Speeches were also given by Nevis Division Commander, Superintendent Hilroy Brandy, Commissioner (Ag) Stafford Liburd, Premier of Nevis, the Honourable Vance Amory, Prime Minister Harris and a featured address from Mr. Douglas Wattley. 

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