Contestant #4 Merv Ann Thompson

Do not be fooled by this diminutive beauty; for she is borne of strength, elegance ad grace.

Merv Ann Thompson is an audacious, fearless and unstoppable young woman. Born on April 9th 1993 she embraces all the positive characteristics of an Aries.

You will not find many women around like her as she has a love for cars and mechanics and is currently the President of the
Nevis Drag Racing club. Having participated in Ms. Culture Swimwear 2016 competition, she walked away as the first runner up and has taken pride in highlighting that women can be beautiful, smart and skilled in any area of life once they have a passion for whatever they pursue.

She is very curious about life and enjoys reading and researching areas of interest such as cars and fashion but she also possesses many talents of which dancing and poetry writing are her favorites.

As an advocate for developing the qualities of strong women, she supports the St. Kitts based group , Hope Tears; which provides support and assistance to women in abusive and volatile relationships. With this in mind Merv Ann has set a personal goal to attain training in the field of Social Welfare and Psychology in the near future.

Merv Ann has a great appreciation for women who empower other women to be be the best they can be and cites Beyonce and her all female band and local poet and legal council JIhan Williams as her personal role models. She supports the message that these women promote; that is; Woman can do anything and are powerful beyond measure.

Merv Ann Thompson is an ebullient force with an exuberant character and with a love for life. She is always a fighter and always a winner. She is not afraid of challenges and says that her motto, “Just do it”, is the reason she has been able to accomplish goals that she never thought she would achieve.

Empowered, enlightened and energetic, Merv Ann is ready to continue her personal journey while showcasing the abilities and contributions of strong women in our society.


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