Contestant Number 5: Miss Zandra Pemberton




Miss Nevisian Heritage Village - Zandra Pemberton
Miss Nevisian Heritage Village – Zandra Pemberton

Born to the parents Paula Pemberton and Rohan White in the British Virgin Islands Tortola; Zandra Pemberton is truly ‘Natures Little Secret’. Zandra migrated from Tortola at the tender age of nine (9) and settled on the island of Nevis with her mother. She started her academic journey in Nevis at the St Thomas Primary School and then went on to the Charlestown Secondary school. Of all the subjects Social Studies and Home Economics are Zandra’s favourite. In her spare time she enjoys singing and styling hair, hence her future aspirations are to become an entertainer and own her own up-scale hair salon.

To achieve your goals with success you need a positive attitude, and Zandra has hers through living with her role model; her mother. Zandra’s mother has set an example of perseverance and determination and her generous spirit shows her that it is important to always do good unto others. Through this philosophy “Live life beyond your wildest dreams and to live life with no regrets” is a philosophy that Zandra strongly believes in.

Being the first pageant that Zandra have ever entered; she plans to use this opportunity as a stepping stone towards her goals of being a Professional Entertainer. She thinks this pageant will help learn more about stage presence, learn how to interact and enteratin and detect crowd appreaciation.

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