Contestants for Culturama 2013 officially launched

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- Charlestown was a hive of activity on Friday, June 7, 2013 when spectators crowded the capital to witness the official launch of the 2013 Culturama Contestants.

Appearing before a huge crowd attired in black and white well- designed dresses were the contestants slated to enter the Miss Culture Swimwear and Miss Culture Queen Pageant. They were accompanied by the Mr. Kool Contestants, the Miss Teen Contestants and the Talented Youth Contestants.

The reigning 2012 King and Queens were also on stage.

There was no doubt that the crowd was pleased with the choice of contestants for this year’s pageants. Each contestant was greeted overwhelmingly by the spectators, making it difficult to recognize the crowd’s favorites.

Ms. Shirley Wilkes, Chairperson of the Talented Youth Pageant introduced the Contestants as follows:
Charlestown Primary: Dereska Herbert
T-jorne Daniel

Elizabeth Pemberton: Sharinque Reid
Jamoul Douglas

Ivor Walters Primary: Adessa Farrel

Joycelyn Liburd Primary: Najida Walters
Jesroy Mulcaire

St. Thomas Primary: Zaria Alcendor- Browne
Kai Davis

This show is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, July 31, 2013.

Chairperson of the first ever Miss Teen Nevis, Tamika Lawrence announced the contestants for this year’s pageant:

Contestant Number 1: Aesha George
Contestant Number 2: Keyandra Hanley
Contestant Number 3: Perla Gumbs-Benites
Contestant Number 4: Irvica Nisbett
Contestant Number 5: Zandra Pemberton
Contestant Number 6: Caroline Kendall

She used this opportunity to appeal to the general public to come out and support the six young ladies on Thursday, August 1, 2013 as they compete for the first ever Miss Teen Nevis crown.

Co-Chairperson of the senior pageants, Mrs. Cavelle Swanston introduced the eleven beautiful ladies for the Swimwear and Miss Culture Queen Pageant.

Miss Culture Swimwear 2013:
Contestant Number 1: Zena Hyman
Contestant Number 2: Stavena Lewis
Contestant Number 3: Karecia Byron
Contestant Number 4: Cherissa Maynard
Contestant Number 5: Ulinda Warner

Miss Culture Queen 2013:
Contestant Number 1: Jahnel Nisbett
Contestant Number 2: Kentisha Daley
Contestant Number 3: Jomelle Elliot
Contestant Number 4: Tricilla Arthurton
Contestant Number 5: Catharine Seabrookes
Contestant Number 6: Vanessa Destouche

The Mr. Kool participants were introduced as follows:
Contestant Number 1: Kadeen Tyson
Contestant Number 2: De Syl Hamilton
Contestant Number 3: Jermaine Arthurton
Contestant Number 4: Vandon Samuel
Contestant Number 5: Halva Browne

The Miss Culture Swimwear Pageant 2013 and the Mr. Kool Contest 2013 will be held on the same date, Sunday, July 28, 2013. The Miss Culture Queen Pageant will take place the following Sunday on August 4, 2013.

The launching ceremony also saw entertainment by King Meeko and the Oualie Pan Vibration.

Members of each committee are inviting the general public to come out and support the festival being staged this year under the theme, ‘History! Culture! Music combined! Culturama 39’.

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