Corner Shop Takes Care of You and Me

In match number two played on Sunday 30th August, in the CLASH OF THE SHOPS competition, being hosted by the Bath United Football club, The Corner Shop engaged the You and Me Bar.

Both teams exhibited some serious ball skills in the first half and except for a minor scare, just moments before the half time whistle sounded, it was an even contest.

Just seconds before the half time whistle was blown, one of the You and Me Bar’s defenders, passed the ball to his goalie, who was a little slow to react and the ball was tipped in by one of the opposing players.  However, the goal was disallowed due to the offside call.

The Corner Shop’s defensive team, included seasoned campaigner, Phil SINGERMAN Hobson, fresh out of retirement.

In the second half, the You and Me Bar wilted under the pressure applied by the Corner Shop’s offensive team and two goals were scored.

Final score:
Corner Shop 2  – You and Me Bar nil

Goalscorers: CJ Parris and Jahmal Lewis

Upcoming games-Thursday 3rd September:
An all-girls clash at 4.30 pm
The Corner Shop v Friends’ Bar at 5.30 pm

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