Cotton Pioneers Defeat Hard Times

The action in the Christmas Cup Football tournament hosted by the Youth and Sports Department, continued at the ET Willet Park on Thursday 20th December,
Villa United must have already started their Christmas celebrations, as they were a no-show in their scheduled game versus Bath United.
In the other scheduled game, the fair sized crowd on hand, was well and truly entertained, as Hard Times engaged the Cotton Ground Pioneers.
The Cotton Ground team dominated the first half of the game and led comfortably up to well into the second half with a score line of 2 goals to nil.
However, the Hard Times team skillfully managed to sink home a corner kick, leaving Goalie PAS, stranded and fuming in the goal.
However, less than five minutes later, PAS was able to smile again, as one of his forwards, let fly a left booter, which sent the ball flying over the head of the opposing goalie and nestled in the corner of the net.
Make that 3 goals to 1, in favour of the Cotton Ground team.
They managed to hold on to that lead, for the next few minutes, when FIFA international Referee, Kimbel Ward, blew the final whistle.
Next games:

Saturday 22nd December-767 Boyz v Hard Times FC at 6 pm
Youths of the Future v Bath United at 7.30 pm
Thursday 27th December –SEMI FINALS
Saturday 29th December-FINALS

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