Counterfeit bills circulating in USVI

ST CROIX, USVI — The US Virgin Islands Police Department Insular Investigation unit has advised the St Croix public to be aware that counterfeit $100 bills are being circulated on the island.

Detectives cautioned the public not to accept any $100 bill unless their authenticity can be verified.

Insular Investigation detectives, who are responsible for investigating white collar crimes, said on Tuesday that there has been an influx of counterfeit $100 dollar on the island since September 1. Counterfeit bills have been received at the casino, and at WAPA, the detectives said, adding that all businesses need to be aware that these bills are being passed around.

Detectives said the fake bill “looks very real” and business should confirm the authenticity of all $100 bills by using a counterfeit detector machine or pen.

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