CPL Cheerleaders Ready To Party

– The Caribbean’s finest set to entertain fans at the Limacol CPL

Friday 4th July 2014 – Kingston, Jamaica: After hundreds of the Caribbean’s most fantastic young women came out to audition, 60 were selected to represent the six franchise teams as CPL Cheerleaders for the upcoming 2014 Limacol Caribbean Premier League T20 tournament.

The esteemed cheerleaders will bring out the spirit of this uniquely Caribbean tournament – the music, dancing, colourful clothing, vibrancy and energy – performing high energy dance routines that will excite the crowds during each match. As cheerleaders, they will be the central drivers of the party and will make for a fun-filled atmosphere for all.

The cheerleaders were handpicked by well-known talent scout and Managing Director of FANA Enterprises, Pixie du Coudray. Pixie and her team travelled across the Caribbean to find the ladies that they think would represent the CPL brand well.

Managing Director of FANA Enterprises, Pixie du Courdray, said; “We are delighted with our selection of girls and they should be proud of themselves as they are going to be front and centre of all the action at the CPL. The cheerleader selection process involved two main elements: a nationwide call and then an adjudication process which measured the contestants’ eligibility based on the five traits required including a positive attitude, friendliness, a sense of style, confidence and a warm personality.”

The finalists were selected by a panel of three judges which included a dance specialist, a beauty professional and a CPL representative before being taken on a three-day workshop to learn the ropes.

Pixie concluded by saying; “These cheerleaders will bring the energy and vibrancy of CPL, the “Biggest Party in Sport”, and we are confident that they will put on a good show for the fans and represent their respective teams well throughout the tournament.”

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