CPS Hosts Annual Fun Day

By: Curtis Morton

It was dubbed a ‘fun day’ but the three athletic houses at the Charlestown Primary School took it very seriously and the event was very competitive.

Scenes from CPS fun day
Scenes from CPS fun day

Within the last few years, Headmaster Mr. Kevin Barrett and his staff instituted a novel idea, whereby the students at the school no longer compete in the fun races during the grand annual sports meet.

Instead a totally separate day is designated for the hosting of such races. These include races such as fill the bucket; lime and spoon; skipping races; obstacle races; and sack races among others.

This allows for a concentration on Sports Day on the actual track runs such as 60 meters; 100 meters; 200 meters; 400 meters; 800 meters; and relay races etc.

The fun day was held at the Ramsbury Site Play Field on Wednesday, February 19, 2014. There was not a huge gathering of spectators maybe because quite a number of the parents of the children were off attending the funeral service of the late David ‘Twinkle’ Walters. However, the children had fun as they tested their skills in the various events and it took a sharp shower of rain to spoil the fun, later in the afternoon.

There were no scores immediately available from the event.

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