Craddock Road starts Second Round as Winners

By:Curtis Morton

The Craddock Road team started round two in the same way they ended round one—on a winning note.

This as the intriguing under 17 Football tournament hosted by the Youth and Sports Department, continued at the ET Willet Park on Sunday 13th December.

The Craddock Road lads engaged a hyped St.Thomas’ team, in the first match of round two and were soon placed on the back foot as young Ammani Williams beat goalkeeper Zakeese Smith by lobbing the ball over his head as he raced forward.

However, the resilient Craddock Road team came back in emphatic fashion. Not only did they equalize but they concluded the game with a scoreline of 2 goals to 1.

The goal scorers for Craddock Road were Javani Tyson and Candace Dorset.

Man of the match for St.Thomas’ was Hassan Harvey and for Craddock Road, it was Zakeese Smith

Meantime in the other game played on that same day, Gingerland took care of Bath with a score line of 5 goals to 2.

Scoring for Gingerland were: Zolan Govia 2 goals; Jevani Somersall 1; TQ Watkins 1 and Titano Freeman 1

The goal scorer for Gingerland was CJ Paris who scored both goals.

Man of the match for Gingerland was Zolan Govia and for Bath, it was CJ Parris

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