Cricket : Emerging Ireland Goes 2 Up in A Nail Biter

Jewel Andrew,

On Wednesday, Emerging Ireland secured a second consecutive victory over the West Indies Academy. The West Indies Academy batted first and scored an impressive 278 for 8, with a notable 143 from Antiguan player Jewel Andrew, including 12 fours and 7 sixes. Despite this strong start, the home team, led by Chris de Freitas who scored 84, successfully chased the target in the final over, winning by one wicket with just the fifth delivery.

Summarised scores: West Indies Academy: 278 for 8: Andrew 143; Young 54; Carlon Bowen Tuckett run out for 20 McCarthy 3 for 80; Mayes 2 for 61. Emerging Ireland 282 for 9: De Freitas 84; Topping 53. Layne 3 for 55; Simmonds 2 for 50; Young 2 for 67.

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