Cricket Update On Village Premier League

The Public Relations Officer of the Hardtimes Sports and Social Club, Michael WISE Herbert, provided an update on the Village Premier League (VPL) on Monday, May 27th.

Due to heavy rain, the matches scheduled for Sunday, May 26th had to be cancelled. However, the teams that were supposed to play on that day will each receive five points.

Current point standings:
– Bushwhackers: 15 points
– SDA Jets: 15 points
– HRFK: 5 points
– Guyanese: 5 points
– Easterns: 0 points

Herbert also mentioned that the Empire team has withdrawn from the competition, but has been replaced by a Combined Schools team coached by Lemuel Pemberton.

Upcoming matches scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd:
– 12:30 pm: HRFK Sports team vs. Bushwhackers
– 3:00 pm: Easterns vs. Guyanese

There will be no matches played on May 9th, as all team members are encouraged to attend the funeral service of the late sports icon, Lester Blackett.

On May 16th, there will be a grand fun day starting at 12:30 pm, featuring cricket matches involving teams from various villages in Gingerland, as well as bun-eating, mango-eating, and beer-drinking contests, track events, and a domino competition. There will also be food, drinks, and music available. Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners of the various competitions, and a grand trophy will be presented to the overall winning village by the Community Development Department.

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