Cricket : VPL is Back

The Village Premier League (VPL) is set to resume after a five-year break, bringing exciting tape ball cricket action back to the Hardtimes playfield. Originally hosted by Michael WISE Herbert and a group of individuals, a club has now been formed in the Hardtimes area to organize and host the event. The executive for the club includes Michael MICAH Williams as President, Dwight (Foley ) Prentice as Vice President, Alisa Elliot as Secretary, Phillip Cutie Walters as Treasurer, and Karima Mills as Assistant Secretary/Treasurer.

President MICAH Williams and PRO WISE Herbert recently updated on the upcoming events for the VPL, which include a knockout tournament sponsored by A1 Farms on Sunday, May 12th. The winning team will receive a trophy and cash prize, and registration per team is $20.00. On Sunday, May 19th, the VPL commences with a cash prize and trophy sponsored by Hon. Eric Evelyn for the winning team. The registration fee per team for this event is $50.00.

On June 16th, only teams from Gingerland will be allowed to participate in the fun day event, which will feature a cricket match. Cricket lover Cindy donated $500.00 towards this event, and the winning team will receive a cash prize and a trophy donated by WISE Herbert. The registration fee per team for this event is $20.00.

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