Cuba trounces Dominica in Group 1 CFU Under-17 opener at Warner Park

It was not expected to happen in the opening match of the Caribbean Football Union Under-17 Group 1 qualifier match at Warner Park, but when Dominica and Cuba played on Wednesday, Dominica felt the full brunt of Cuba and succumbed resulting in a 9 – Nil defeat.

At fault seemed to be weak defensive execution and goalkeeping that were just not up to the mark. Goals came almost freely for the Cuban team. By the end of the first half, Cuba had already scored 7 goals. It was clear that the Dominica players were disheartened, but a second half reenergized team prevented a repeat of the first half, and Cuba was limited to two more goals.

Scoring for Cuba were Brian Savigne, who scored a hat trick in the 5th, 31st & 1st minute of added time in the second half. Ribaldo Roldan struck twice in the 10th & 21st minute. Yandry Romero also struck twice in the 38th & 39th minute. Ronaldo Rosette found the goal in the 43rd minute and Yoendry Cabrera scored in the 81st minute.

Yellow Cards were issued to Yhaddi Reid (Dominica) in the 14th minute and to Kiano Martin (Dominica) in the 53rd minute.

Game Officials:

* William Anderson (Puerto Rico), Jairo Morales (Puerto Rico), Keble Williams (Jamaica) & Karl Tyrell (Jamaica)

* Match Commissioner was Norris Ferguson (Trinidad)

* General Coordinators were Kevin Pipe (CFU), Harold Palacios (CFU) & Dexter Tyrell (SKN)

* Referee Assessor was Jaggernath Goolcharan (Trinidad)

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