Cultural Preservation, for Future Generations.

Mrs Evette Liburd.

The Gingerland Public Library will be having its 23rd annual Environmental Awareness Programme with the general theme: OUR COUNTRY, OUR PEOPLE, OUR FUTURE. The sub-theme for this year is; “Cultural Preservation, for Future Generations.

We will be having three one-week programmes from July 5th – July 26th 2013.

The first programme will be held on July 5th – 11th for High-Schoolers. The opening ceremony will be held on Friday July 5th, 2013 at 9 am at the Gingerland Public Library. We are inviting all of the High school participants to attend and to be punctual.

The second programme will be held from July 15th – 19th for Primary Schoolers 9-12 years of age.
The third and final programme will be held from July 22nd – 26th for Primary Schoolers 5-8 years of age.

We hope to develop an appreciation of our music and cultural artforms.

To preserve, protect and promote our cultural art forms; and to cultivate talents in the various aspects of our performing arts.

Participants will be learning to play the Steel Pan, Fife, Drums, Guitar, and Keyboard.

They will be learning Masquerade Dancing, Cake Walk Dancing, and the Clowns.

They will also be involved in Drama, Singing, Essay and Poetry Competitions,Lecture/Discussions, Art & Craft, Field Trips and cooking.

The Programme will culminate on Friday 26th July, 2013 with a Cultural Parade at 1pm, from the Gingerland Public Library to the Gingerland Police Station and back to the Library. We will then have the closing ceremony at 2:30 pm, at which time the participants will showcase their talents. We are asking for the support of the whole community as we promote and preserve our folklore and cultural artforms.

These Programmes will be great!
Parents/Guardians, don’t hesitate!
Let your children participate!
Talents in music, drama, dance and folklore,We plan to Cultivate.



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