Experienced Curator at the ET Willet Park, Errol JABAL Walwyn, on Tuesday indicated that come Thursday 21st April, when Nevis is set to engage the USVI in their first encounter of the Leeward Islands 50 overs competition, the pitch will play in an unpredictable fashion.

‘I believe it will have in a bit of juice but it will play a little up and down,’ he said.

Jabal was basing his opinion on the fact that the pitch was pretty wet on the day, due to recent heavy rains, over the past few days.

He had however teamed up with Coordinator of the Sports Department, Jamir Claxton and some other volunteers to secure the pitch by covering the entire playing area.

He is however optimistic that once the sun comes out in all of its glory on Wednesday, that there will be play on Thursday.

Claxton and Walwyn then teamed up to invite the general public out to see the exciting games scheduled for the ET Willet Park and to support the Nevis team in its quest to lift the coveted trophy.

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