Curriculum Development Unit Seeks To Brighten Math Experience For Students Through Introduction of Supplementary Text

(EMU) – St. Kitts, April 19, 2013: The Curriculum Development Unit (CDU) hopes that with the introduction of a new supplementary text known as ‘Bright Sparks’, authored by Ms. Laurie Sealey, children in St. Kitts and Nevis have an opportunity to be enlightened in their understanding of Mathematics.

A Bright Sparks Numeracy Workshop organized by the CDU and facilitated by the author of the text book was held on Thursday, April 17 in an effort to introduce the text and assist principals in identifying practical steps to advancing mathematical ability in schools in the Federation.

Ms. Sealey who has been privileged to work throughout the Caribbean for decades has a unique perspective of the challenges in the teaching and learning of Mathematics in the region and was therefore well suited to address recurring issues.

“It is a tremendous advantage to be able to move throughout the Caribbean and see that we have common strengths and needs in terms of next steps in development. The overall objective for today is that it would fit your personal experiences in the classroom and resonate so that when you leave you will have three or four concrete steps that you can take to move numeracy forward,” Ms. Sealey stated.

Director of the Curriculum Development Unit, Dr. Eva Bowrin, voiced her objective in organizing such workshops. “Our various coordinators and support staff are committed to carrying out the mandate that we have been given to ensure that we develop curricula, monitor them, implement them and continuously revise them to give our young people the best possible learning experience that they can have.”

Dr. Bowrin added that while the CDU still has a lot to accomplish from a technological standpoint, it has been making significant strides in other regards. She paid special commendation to Mathematics Coordinator, Ms. Lynda Moving and Education Officer, Mr Stanley Knight who were active in the planning process.

Ms. Sealey the Coordinator has worked in Antigua, Barbados, Belize, Grenada, Guyana, St. Lucia, St. Vincent and Trinidad and has noted many similarities in the Math experience in each country. The Bright Sparks Numeracy text was published by Mac Millan Publishers.

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