CWC Agrees To Acquire Columbus International Inc. To Accelerate Growth Strategy and Deliver Superior Customer Service

The combined business will:
· Deliver broader pro-consumer product offerings and improved services
· Inject state of the art TV and next-generation super-high-speed broadband technology into CWC
· Deliver huge opportunities to the Business and Government sectors
· Provide rapid lead in fixed mobile convergence through premier network platform

Cable and Wireless Communications PLC (CWC) has reached a conditional agreement to acquire Columbus International Inc. The proposed acquisition, valued at US$3.025bn will enable

the combined company to significantly accelerate its growth strategy, improve service delivery to customers in the region, offer customers a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality products and

services, and strengthen their position against larger competitors. The increased scale and capabilities of the combined company will provide the technical platform and financial capacity
to help enable CWC to drive greater innovation and expand our geographic footprint.

The combination of the two companies is consistent with global industry trends, where convergence of fixed and mobile networks, increasing content consumption growth, and
continuing development of online applications are driving requirements for high bandwidth, fixed line networks and TV capabilities. Operators in Europe and North America, as well as regional
competitors, are acquiring and constructing networks that are capable of supporting ever- growing data needs along with new video capabilities.

The combination of the two businesses supports CWC’s new strategy and its four primary areas of focus: Drive Mobile Leadership; Accelerate Fixed-Mobile Convergence; Reinforce TV Offer;
and Grow Business to Business and Business to Government sectors. This strategy is underpinned by CWC’s announced US$1.05billion Project Marlin capital investment programme.
Additionally, CWC believes that the combination of the two businesses will generate material operating cost and capital expenditure synergies. Similarly, Columbus believes that the
combined strengths of both companies will accelerate growth, provide the necessary scale to enhance the customer experience, and help to allow Columbus to achieve its goal to become
the “Best service provider” and “Employer of Choice” in the region.

The proposed combination of CWC’s region-leading mobile footprint and existing fixed line infrastructure with Columbus’ pay TV capabilities and next-generation, state-of-the-art fibre
networks will significantly expand the product and service offerings for customers and also advance the companies’ quad play ambitions. The combined business will also deliver the
benefits of superior quality network infrastructure, fixed-mobile products and bundles, superior TV content at competitive rates, and a more attractive portfolio of products and services in the
B2B and B2G segments.

Phil Bentley, CWC’s Chief Executive Officer said: “This is a transaction that transforms CWC, providing a step-change in growth and returns. Columbus offers complementary TV, Broadband
and B2B capabilities in complementary markets. Together, we will create the best-in-class quad- play offering in the region, delivered on a superior mobile, fibre and subsea network. This is a
significant opportunity to better serve our customers and improve the ICT infrastructure of the communities in which we operate, whilst accelerating our strategy and delivering materially
enhanced returns and synergy benefits.”

Similarly, Columbus’ chairman and CEO, Brendan Paddick indicated that, “Together we will form a truly world-class company focused on our customers in the Caribbean, Central America
and the Andean regions. The proposed acquisition makes both companies stronger, faster and smarter in competing with their larger competitors. The proposed transaction reinforces our
commitment to transform connectivity in the region, to increase the attractiveness of the region to investors, to support the growth of the communities we serve by making them more globally
accessible and to ensure that our customers always have access to the best products and services available.”

For both companies, the proposed acquisition also enables greater focus on the Caribbean, Andean and Latin American markets as a region that offers attractive growth. The proposed
acquisition will provide new opportunities and focus in Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Peru.

“Our goal is to provide customer-focused solutions and the highest level of service across the region. This agreement will accelerate our efforts through a strengthened set of assets and
capabilities,” Bentley affirmed.
The recent acquisition of both Groupo Sonitel in Panama, combined with Columbus’ Lazus in acquisition in Colombia will accelerate CWC’s progress against the new streamlined strategy.

About Cable & Wireless Communications Cable & Wireless Communications Plc (CWC) is a full-service communications provider
operating in 16 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America. Operating four leading businesses: – Cable and Wireless Panama, LIME, (the Caribbean excluding The Bahamas),
BTC (The Bahamas) and Cable and Wireless Seychelles; CWC offers mobile, broadband, TV, domestic and international fixed line services in most of our markets serving over 5.6m
customers. CWC also provides premium data centre hosting, telecoms, domestic and international managed data network services and custom IT Service Solutions to businesses
and governments through the new unit, Cable & Wireless Business Solutions. Our mission is to grow customer relationships and lifetime value by becoming #1 for Customer Service. We are
the market leader in most products they offer and territories they serve. For more information visit:

About Columbus International Inc. Columbus International Inc. is a privately held diversified telecommunications company based
in Barbados. The Company provides digital cable television, broadband Internet and digital landline telephony in Trinidad, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, St.
Lucia and Curacao under the brand name Flow and in Antigua under the brand name Karib Cable. Columbus also provides next generation connectivity and IT solutions, managed
networking and cloud-based services under the brand Columbus Business Solutions. Through its subsidiary, Columbus Networks, the Company provides capacity and IP services,
corporate data solutions and data centre hosting throughout 42 countries in the greater Caribbean, Central American and Andean region. Through its fully protected, ringed submarine
fibre optic network spanning more than 42,300 km and its 38,000 km terrestrial fibre and coaxial network, Columbus’ 3,150 plus professionals provide advanced telecom services to a diverse
residential and corporate client base of over 700,000 customers. For more information visit

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CONGRATULATIONS : Chairman of Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC), Sir Richard Lapthorne (centre) congratulates Chairman and CEO of Columbus International Inc. Brendan Paddick following the announcement of the proposed merger between CWC and Columbus in London today. Looking on is Phil Bentley, CEO of CWC.
CONGRATULATIONS : Chairman of Cable and Wireless Communications (CWC), Sir Richard Lapthorne (centre) congratulates Chairman and CEO of Columbus International Inc. Brendan Paddick following the announcement of the proposed merger between CWC and Columbus in London today. Looking on is Phil Bentley, CEO of CWC.

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