Dancercise Sessions Commence At The Villa Grounds

By Curtis Morton

As part of the youth month of activities, the Youth and Sports Department, hosted a DANCERCISE session at the Villa grounds on Tuesday 17th April.

The session which commenced at 5 pm was open to members of the general public, free of cost and according to Director of the Youth Department, Miss Zahnela Claxton, it was not just a focus on the youth but a means of getting all interested persons into an exercise mode, in a fun atmosphere.

With all of the concerns of obesity and resulting non- communicable diseases, such as Hypertension and Diabetes, the Youth and Sports Department is creating a health awareness drive, that will hopefully get more persons involved in regular exercise sessions.

The facilitator for the afternoon, was the vivacious Desiree Parry, of the Fit Wellness Center, who led out in several exercise routines, to the pulsating sounds of an accompanying DJ.

From all reports, the session was fairly well received by those who attended.

According to Miss Claxton, another similar session is planned for the same venue, for Tuesday 24th April.

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