By: Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis-Director of the Community Development department, Mrs. Janet Meloney, earlier this week, revealed the date for the third annual MIRACLE ON MAIN STREET event. This event which is held smack in the heart of Charlestown, has been successfully hosted by her department for two years running.

According to Mrs. Meloney, the family oriented Christmas event, will be held on Friday 9th December, in the usual vicinity of the DR Walwyn Plaza, along Main Street, Charlestown.

She highlighted the fact that the event will feature the traditional Christmas food and delicacies which will include: Rice and peas; macaroni pie; cook-up;   Do-down pork; creole fish; vegetables; Johnny cakes; pinchie; jaw bone breaker; potato pudding; coconut tarts; sorrel; ginger beer; other local drinks and sodas.

This aspect of the event will commence at 11 am so that working folks will be able to purchase their sumptuous lunches when they break for lunch.

At 3 pm the festive atmosphere changes into concert mode and Mrs. Meloney is indicating that her department has already put a jam packed program in place.

Some of the much anticipated acts will include: Masquerades; Giant-Despair; clowns; mocka-jumbie; blue ribbon; Red Cross; cake walk; Japanese girls; cowboys and Indians and the fishermen dance.

The MUMMIES out of St. Kitts will be the featured guest artistes this year.

Mrs. Meloney is hoping to complete this aspect of the show, before daylight totally fades and so she is urging all of the participants to be punctual on that day.

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