Deception on June 10, 1967, no different from deception on February 16, 2015

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS – June 10, 1967 must be remembered as a dark day in the history of St. Kitts and Nevis.
Dr. Norgen Wilson, caretaker of St. Christopher 5 for the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party, told scores of persons who participated in a silent walk through the streets of Basseterre last Friday to commemorate the 49th anniversary of the failed coup attempt to overthrow the lawfully-elected government of Premier Robert L Bradshaw, that thousands of persons would have been killed if the oil bulk installations at Pond’s Pasture and the Defence Force Headquarters at Springfield blown up.
war2He stated that the history books written by several persons included the Anguillan Revolutionary Leader Ronald Webster.
“The plan was to kidnap Premier Robert Bradshaw and his deputy Paul Southwell and take them back to Anguilla. Billy Herbert joined forces with the Anguillans to overthrow a lawfully-elected government and would have been installed as premier,” said Wilson, who pointed out that the PAM deceived the invading Anguillans into believing that the coup would be well supported by own supporters and the people of St. Kitts. The coup attempt was an effort to wrest political power from the people and hand it over to big business and the plantocracy.
Dr. Wilson, who used a nearby Hi-Fi system during the intermission at Ferry Terminal, where the walk ended, compared the deception by PAM on June 10, 1967 to the February 16th 2015 general election in which the PAM party with its four seats formed a coalition government with two smaller parties headed by Dr. Timothy Harris whose PLP won one seat and the Concerned Citizens Movement, two seats.
“They deceived the people in 2015. February 2015 was another deception. They fooled the people. They promised $500 to each household. You get it yet? (No the crowd responded). They promised that the PEP would be made permanent, instead of that, 50 percent of the PEP people have gone home. Kittitians and Nevisians, you must not sit down like that, while Vance Amory and Mark Brantley collecting two salaries and the Prime Minister’s nephew collecting $5,000 each month just to be a butler,” said Dr. Wilson, who commented on the apparent demise of the once robust Citizenship by Investment Programme.
“All the investors are running away from St. Kitts and Nevis. The country is shutting down. The CBI dead. They went out there and killed it and Timothy Harris thinks this is a joke. It should not be so. We will not rest until this government has fallen. They promised the students a state of the art high school and have the gall to build up at Taylors a chicken coup and a pigeon coup without labs and all kind of money going missing at the school and the principal and teachers not getting on. It had to happen, because it was all built up on deception,” said Dr Wilson, a Cuban trained physician.
He said the Labour Government left nearly $700 million in the Treasury and it been squandered by a failing Unity Government.

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