Defending Champions Unity come from behind to beat Tabernacle in Constituency #7 Domino League

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, September 24, 2017 (PLP PR Media Inc.)  — After another break, this time occasioned by the passage of Hurricane Maria, ninth round of the round-robin stage of the 22nd edition of the annual Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League competition commenced on Saturday September 23 with one game played.

Ninth round proper is due to start Sunday afternoon September 24 with five games on the card at various venues. However, what would have been the sixth game between defending champions Unity and Tabernacle was held on Saturday at T-Vill’s Hang Out Spot in Tabernacle Village as some of the players were to have engagements elsewhere on Sunday.

It was a history making game as for the first time in the league’s history, the players were kitted with T-shirts that had the name of their team on the front while at the back was written the name of the league and the name of its sponsor, Dr Timothy Harris.

The game started after 5:00 pm as a number of players from both the teams claimed they were not aware of the new fixture. Initially Unity could manage to assembly only four players, who were enough to continue with the game. Two of their players turned up later. Home team Tabernacle did not have much difficulty raising its players.

Both captains, Edmund ‘Fergie’ Rawlins of Unity and Jason ‘Spoon’ Nisbett of Tabernacle, took the game quite seriously as they were evenly matched in the early stages of the game to a 3-3 tie. However Tabernacle made a break and led 6-3.

Sensing danger, and still smarting from the one loss that they have had so far at this stage, Unity galvanised itself for action with the arrival of one of their players and reduced the deficit to 5-6. Tabernacle swung back and at one time led 9-7 before Unity equalised at 9-9. Tabernacle then pulled a quick double and led 11-9.

However when Tabernacle went further ahead to 12-9 there was a huge protest from the Unity side and after some diplomatic consultations among the players from both sides the score was reversed to read 11-9 in favour of Tabernacle.

Unity pulled back and reduced the deficit and trailed Tabernacle 10-11, and then equalised 11-11. From there on with all their might, Unity changed the game plan and rolled over Tabernacle who appeared to be at a standstill and shortly the visitors, and defending champions Unity took the game at 13-11.

The win by Unity was dedicated to one of its senior players, Simeon ‘Cuban’ Liburd, who was celebrating his 54th birthday.

Ninth round proper to be played on Sunday September 24 will have Giants facing Christchurch at Mansion; Sylvers facing Small Corner at Tacky Bar in Hidden Alley, Lodge Village; Parsons facing Unstoppable at Parsons; Saddlers facing Guinness at Bernette Bar in Hidden Alley, Lodge Village; and Molineux facing Upsetters probably at the Molineux Pavilion.

However, according to Constituency Number Seven Dr the Hon Timothy Harris Domino League competition organiser Calvin Farrell, the game in which Lodge were supposed to face Beers at the Lodge Community Centre in Lodge Project has been moved to Wednesday next week at the same venue.


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