The 2016 edition of the Primary School Football league, commenced on Friday 28th October, sadly, without a sponsor.

A brief opening ceremony, ably chaired by Youth Development Officer, Miss Kerdis Clarke, was held at the ET Willett Park.

The invocation was done by Coach Kurvin Wallace and the national anthem was lustily sung by all present.

Miss Clarke in her remarks, noted that the competition has been in existence for over the past twenty years and indicated that the grand finals are scheduled for the 16th of November.

Education officer, Mr. Shefton Liburd who was representing PEO Mrs. Palsy Wilkin, in his sterling presentation, congratulated all of the stakeholders who have made the tournament a success throughout the years and noted that the Education Department is pleased to collaborate with the Sports department on such initiatives, as partnership is key in the nurturing of the young people.

‘Do not take this activity lightly, as from these humble beginnings, there are great things to aspire to,’ he told the youngsters

‘Notwithstanding that we are from a small island, does not mean that we cannot stand tall on the world stage,’ he continued.

He saluted FIFA officials Malcolm Ramsey and Kimbel Ward who are excelling on the world stage and who were incidentally present at the ceremony and urged the young footballers to aspire to be like them and noted that careers in Football are not limited to only playing the game.

Miss Clarke also urged the footballers to stay away from bullying, as world anti- bullying day was being celebrated that same day.

Mr. Liburd echoed her sentiments and then officially declared the tournament open.

Immediately following the opening ceremony. Two games were played simultaneously at the ET Willett Park:

Defending champions Ivor Walters Primary, defeated Elizabeth Pemberton Primary, 2 goals to 1.

St. Thomas’ Primary also defeated last year’s other finalist, Charlestown Primary, 3 goals to nil

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