Delison “Xman” Roper Wins the Culturama 50 Jingle Competition

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS- The following is a press release from the Nevis Culturama Secretariat:

Delison “Xman” Roper has won the Culturama 50 Jingle Competition, and we congratulate him on his achievement. The panel chose his jingle from a pool of nine other entries. Delroy Walters of Wes AudioZ produced the winning piece, while top international producer Andrew Denny mixed and mastered it at Drew’s Crib through his company, Andrew Denny Productions, in Barbados.

Delison Roper is a seasoned Nevisian performing artist with a rich repertoire of songs. As a singer, songwriter, and producer, he has created memorable tunes like “Food All Over”, “No Place I’d Rather Be”, “Cultural Sweetness”, and “Happy to Be Alive”. Formerly a member of the Kasanova Band, he is now the owner and lead singer of the XFactor Band. Xman has won several Culturama Soca Monarch crowns on Nevis and is passionate about writing and composing music.

Delison Xman Roper

Delison Roper will receive a cash prize of $5,000.00 Eastern Caribbean Dollars from the Nevis Culturama Committee for winning the Culturama 50 Jingle Competition.

The Culturama Committee will use the winning jingle to promote the 50th anniversary of Nevis’ Culturama Festival and Homecoming celebration locally, regionally, and internationally.

We thank all participants who submitted entries to the Culturama 50 jingle competition for their efforts.

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