By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—With the news media being bombarded with so many negative stories on  a weekly basis, it is a real breath of fresh air to discover that there are still positive news stories to be had, on the island of Nevis.

Dennicio Hanley is a student at the Charlestown Secondary School. He has just completed his studies at form 3A1 and has been duly promoted to form 4A1 for the upcoming term.

Encouraged by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hanley of Prospect, Dennicio is very focused on his school work and takes his ultimate goal of becoming a Civil Engineer, very seriously.

In a recent interview, he spoke about a goal he had set himself: The construction of his very own computer.

His father Dennis Hanley, indicated that when he was first approached by his son about his intention to build a PC, he did not have a clue what he was talking about. However, when it was explained that his son really wanted to build his own computer, he vowed to help him in whatever way possible.

Dennicio did his research and was hesitant to reveal the total cost to his Dad, as he feared that it was a bit exorbitant.

However, His dad and Mom, after some discussion, made it possible for him to acquire the required parts, which were ordered from the USA.

On Thursday 9th August, Dennicio carefully put the parts together and created his own computer in just over two hours, without seeking help from anyone.

He noted that his Computer classes at school and some research on the internet had been his basic guide.

The teenager now has a computer that is state of the art with 8 GB-ddr4-RAM; 2 GB of gddr5 (graphic ram); ASUS Z170 motor; windows 10, with high airflow case, with a weighted LED mouse.

He plans to do quite a bit of movie creation and editing of material as he looks forward to an exciting time with the joy of his life.

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