Deputy Premier Brantley now Nevis Minister of Telecommunications and Information

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS (November 21, 2013) –A new ministry has been added to the portfolio of Acting Premier of Nevis Hon. Mark Brantley. He now holds responsibility for the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information, Press and Governmentas of November 20, 2013, which was held previously by Premier of Nevis Hon. Vance Amory.

The instrument for the new appointment was signed by Deputy Governor General His Honour Eustace John through the instructions and advice of Mr. Amory. In a brief statement with the Department of Information on November 21, 2013, Mr. Brantley acknowledged the confidence placed in him and spoke to the Administration’s efforts to make the government-owned media more accessible to all.

“I want to thank the Hon. Vance Amory for the confidence he has shown in me and I continue to pledge to do my very best to serve the people of this beautiful island of Nevis… This Administration is very aware of the power of the press and we have sought at every turn to engage the press and to make the press more available.

“The public, no doubt would have seen that there has been significant changes, consistent with our constitutional mandate to make the press available to all shades of public opinion. So we have seen a 180 degree turn from where we were. Now, the Opposition on Nevis, has on occasion, featured in our newscasts and they have had their events covered by our government-owned Press and Public Relations,” he said.

Mr. Brantley regarded the achievement as an important one.

“That is no small matter. That is very significant because we are aware, this party, in Opposition actually had to go to court for that sacred constitutional right to be recognised.

“So I am very happy to be now at a point where I can lead this particular thrust in so far as the development of our Press and Public Relations is concerned,” he said.

Notwithstanding, the new Information Minister said the Administration’s ambitions where Nevis Television channel 8 (NTV8) was concerned were lofty but was hopeful it could be transformed into a major television station which would meet the growing needs of the people of Nevis both locally and in the Diaspora.

Mr. Brantley disclosed that in the near future, there would be new programming introduced on NTV8.

“In the coming weeks and months you will see roll outs of new programmes; different language programmes. We hope to have the news, for example, in Spanish. These are all new initiatives that this Administration has been working on and we expect will be rolled out very shortly,” he said.

Meantime, the Minister used the opportunity to urge the public to utilise the services offered by NTV and he stated the importance of a partnership between the public, business community and NTV.

“I am also encouraging the general public and the business community- NTV reaches a wide audience and so, if you can, please bring your advertisements; liaise with us so that we can create ads for you to create your revenue stream and increase your revenue stream.

“It is very important to us that we work hand in hand with the private sector to ensure that this new thrust into openness, greater transparency, and greater accessibility of the media that it trickles down and impacts all men women and children of our nation,” he said.

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