Development Team Edges Out Females

It was a much-anticipated tussle and would effectively serve as a prelude to the grand finals between the Guyanese team and the Rawlins team, held at the Hard Times recreation grounds, on Sunday 8th September.  The hard-working female team, engaged the equally hard-working development team, under the guidance of Lemuel Pemberton.

The Development team won the toss and elected to bat first.  The females enjoyed an early wicket but the youthful captain, Tyrique Phillip, was destined to be the major difference between the two teams.  When his team seemed to be struggling, he promptly stepped up with two smashing sixes and a four, off the bowling of Adona Bussue.  They eventually got to 51 from their allotted 5 overs.

The females got off to a promising start with all of 13 from the first over but Tyrique added more excitement to the afternoon, being not afraid nor ashamed to bowl aggressively at his mom, Cressy Phillip, and giving her a few bouncers in the process. Cressy, tried desperately to punish him, especially after one spectator offered her $50.00 if she could hit her son for a six, but Tyrique had the last laugh, as he had her clean bowled.

Judy Morton and Adona Bussue teamed up in an enterprising partnership, that threatened to take the game away from the youngsters but when Bussue was run out in the last over, it was obvious that the females would fall short of the target.  It was a good effort, however, as they got to 47 from their 5 overs.

Summarized scores:

Development team:
51 for 1 from 5 overs:
Tyrique Phillip 36*;
Jevon Manners 7
Adona Bussue 1 for 16

Females: 47 for 1 from 5 overs:
Adona Bussue 23;
Judy Morton 9*;
Cressy Phillip 5

Development team won by 4 runs

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