Digicel Adds Colour to Edgar T. Morris Primary

Digicel continues to uplift the communities they serve in St. Kitts and Nevis. Over the years the St. Christopher Children’s Home, the Cotton Thomas Comprehensive School and AVEC have benefited tremendously Digicel’s acts of kindness and social responsibility, and now the teachers, staff & students of the Edgar T. Morris Primary School have been adopted into the Digicel Family. The Edgar T. Morris Primary School, located in Tabernacle, St Kitts received a well needed and well-deserved quote of paint, thanks to Digicel St Kitts & Nevis.

The school is the learning home for 56 enrolled students in the close-knit community of Carty’s Pasture, where Head Teacher Kathuel Browne reached out to Digicel for assistance. With the blessing of a sunny Saturday morning on 9th February 2013, the Digicel Staff, the school’s teachers and students, came with sleeves rolled up, ready to work with gallons of Digicel-donated paint and several paint brushes and paint roller Hours later, the exterior walls of this rural primary school were transformed into hues of blues to mimic the colour of the school uniform.

Expressions of surprise and gratitude were echoed by passers-by and students who noticed the extraordinary change in the appearance of the school’s building. The schools’ motto took on a practical role in this voluntary effort – “There is no success without hard work.” Digicel would like to thank TDC Home & Building Depot for their generous partnership on this project.

The Digicel Team will continue to give back to various communities both in St. Kitts and Nevis. The next project will see the rehabilitation of the garden at the Cotton-Thomas Comprehensive School in St Johnson’s Village. The Taiwanese Technical Mission will be providing all fruits trees and vegetables for planting. The school’s teachers and students who will be responsible for the general maintenance of the school garden is also set to benefit from the technical advice of nurturing these seedlings.

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