Digicel Announced as Major Sponsor for Caribbean Premier League

The Caribbean Premier League has signed global telecommunications company and long term West Indies Cricket sponsor Digicel as a major sponsor of the newly formed CPL which will host its inaugural tournament in July and August.

“We are thrilled to have Digicel as our partner in this venture,” said CPL founder, Ajmal Khan of Verus International. “Its wealth of experience in the region and in West Indies cricket will be an invaluable asset to the CPL, ensuring its initial and long-term success.”

Digicel has been the main sponsor of West Indies Cricket since 2004. Since that time the company has proven its worth as a marketing leader in the region – something that CPL appreciates will bring great value to the tournament.

“The Digicel brand is a strong one – one that has captivated the Caribbean, and we are sure it will help us to do the same with the CPL brand,” concluded Khan. “Digicel has built a rock-solid reputation globally, and its positioning in the region and commitment to cricket can only serve to enhance the CPL product further.”

The sponsorship will be a multi-year deal and represents a significant investment from Digicel

“The CPL is a perfect fit for Digicel. We’re huge fans of West Indies cricket and this is a great opportunity for us to invest not only in what will be an amazing event, but also in the young cricketers who will benefit from around the region,” stated Digicel Group Marketing Director, Kieran Foley. “Having seen all the plans for the inaugural tournament, we know the CPL will be a spectacle like nothing else seen in the region and we are looking forward to being front and centre of the action.”

Foley says that in addition to marketing expertise, Digicel also brings a wealth of other benefits to the CPL, including its integral and long-term involvement in the regional sport which has created invaluable relationships with the West Indies and regional players; the company’s presence in all of the possible CPL franchise countries which will provide welcomed addition for the CPL throughout the region and the familiarity with and respect that West Indies fans have for Digicel because of its close connection with the game and the fans.

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