Digicel Brightened Christmas, Shared $24,300 in Grand Finals

Basseterre, St. Kitts (January 7, 2013) – Christmas Eve, December 24, 2013 was an Extraordinary day in the lives of the grand finalists in Digicel’s Christmas Promotion. Smack in the middle of Port Zante, Rum Barrel was the ideal location for family, friends and visitors to gather and witness four loyal Digicel customers each receive Digi-lottery balls of US $5000, US $3000 and third prize US$1000, making it a grand total giveaway of EC $24,300.

Under the theme, Brighten Someone’s Christmas, the highly-anticipated end of year Digicel grand finals, in collaboration with NOKIA, was designed to reward Digicel customers who qualified by each of the four mechanics advertised throughout the promotion. One contestant Clifford Prince recently purchased a 4G BlackBerry Smartphone and the sole female finalist, Vincia Herbert, consistently paid her postpaid bill on time and in full in order to make it to the finals.

Paithful Liburd topped up his Digicel phone with hundreds of dollars in order to keep in touch with family and friends and Keith Harvey from Old Road activated Digicel’s 4G Data service in order to secure his spot in the grand finals. A fifth finalist from Nevis was unable to attend the finals or to send a representative in time for the live draw, however will be receiving a consolation prize of a top-of-the-line NOKIA Windows Phone, courtesy of NOKIA.

With the Digi-lottery machine on location in Basseterre, Digicel’s Marketing Manager, Marsha Chatterjee, ushered the elated contestants to randomly pull a ticket, numbered from 1-4, which dictated the order in which they would receive a ball from the machine. Paithfield Liburd was contestant #1 and after receiving his lottery ball and corresponding envelope, he calmly whispered in the microphone “US $5000.”

That’s when pandemonium broke out at Port Zante. Paithfield’s estastic family members screamed and hugged Paithfield and jumped and jumped some more, congratulating the mega winner of the Digicel Promotion.

It was then time to move on to the contestant who picked the Digi-lotto ticket, Number 2, to open his envelope. Clifford Prince actually started dancing for joy before revealing his prize and then took his energy and carnivalesque dance moves a notch higher when his letter read “US $1,000.

Vincia Herbert won the Nokia Windows Smartphone and Keith Harvey was the 2nd place winner of US $3,000. All contestants left with smiles on their faces and beyond a doubt, had a brighter Christmas and New Year, after sharing $24,300 all in one evening. A hearty congratulations to all 24 winners of Digicel’s 2013 Christmas Promotion.

So see the live action of Digicel’s grand finals and the nightly US $1,000 draws, please log into your free Facebook account, like Digicel’s page and enjoy! Digicel – Be Extraordinary. www.facebook.com/digicelstkittsandnevis

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