Digicel Business Launches Disaster Recovery Solution across the Caribbean and Central America

Press Release, Digicel

Tuesday 26th May 2015 – Kingston, Jamaica: With the hurricane season fast approaching, Digicel launched its new Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) product to boost the resilience of small and medium size companies’ data security in the event of a physical loss of information.

The DRaaS product is a cost-effective cloud-based business continuity product that enables customers to secure their most vital information through a ‘server-based’ and ‘storage-based’ data replication and recovery management system. Digicel’s Digicel disaster recovery offering provides real time data protection from any physical or virtual cloud environments in Digicel’s world class Tier III data centres hosted right in the Caribbean. This means that, in the event a physical machine is lost or damaged, customers can access their desktop environment within a matter of minutes thereby ensuring business continuity for critical business applications.

Group Director of Producst for Digicel Business, Martin Carroll, said; “With our DRaaS product, small and medium sized business owners can have complete peace of mind as they will benefit from a secure bandwidth efficient service that not only protects their critical data but also gives them access to multiple desktop environments whenever they want. With significantly faster recovery times in the event of a crisis, DRaaS ensures that customers will have near-zero downtime in the event of an outage to their physical servers.”

The ability to recover from a disaster has always been important for most businesses but has been seen as an ‘optional’ expense because most companies could not afford to have their own disaster recovery infrastructure. Now with DRaaS, customers can benefit from a secure ‘always on’ and ‘always available’ service through a fixed predictable and affordable cost model.

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