Digicel Play’s Broadband Ranked Number One in Jamaica Company’s streaming speed outperforms top-rated networks in first-world countries

Kingston, Jamaica – Friday, March 3, 2016: Following the roll out of its all-fibre home entertainment service, Digicel Play was ranked number one in Jamaica for Internet transfer speed according to Netflix’s latest ISP Speed Index dated January 2016.

The report shows that Digicel’s Internet streaming speed averages at 3.67 Mbps, outperforming many of the fastest providers in the US and Canada, who record average speeds of 3.55 Mbps and 3.5 Mbps respectively. Of note, Digicel is now approaching the speeds offered in the leading developed countries in the world like Luxembourg and Norway, which have the world’s fastest networks with speeds of 4.12 Mbps and 4.07 Mbps respectively, according to the Netflix index.

Digicel Play is a new frontier in home entertainment; using the latest digital and fibre technology to deliver the best communication and entertainment experience available in Jamaica.

Speaking on the growing demand for high speed broadband connections, John Quinn, Group CTO for Digicel Play said, “For customers to be able to live in this super-connected world, they need the bandwidth to enable it. That is what Digicel is doing with our superfast 100% all-fibre network that allows customers to access content at the speed of light – putting Jamaica right up there with top networks in the world, and there is more to come.”

By investing in state-of-the-art next-generation technology, Digicel Play also delivers the best viewing quality, best selection of global and local TV channels and exclusive content plus a host of exciting new features.

Quinn also remarked that, “As the world becomes increasingly data-centric, this demand is driving the trend to offering broadband via fibre-to-the-home technology which dramatically increases connection speeds. Digicel is delighted to be bringing this technology to our customers to ensure that Jamaica remains at the forefront of global technology advancements. This is good for our customers, good for the economy and will not go unnoticed around the globe.”

As the world’s leading Internet television network, Netflix’s ISP Speed Index measures prime time Netflix performance on particular Internet service providers (ISPs) around the globe and benchmarks performance for each service provider. For ‘prime time’, Netflix measures the average bitrate of its content in megabits per second (Mbps) streamed by Netflix members for each service provider.

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