District ‘C’ Magistrate Court Tuesday, August 29, 2017

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-District ‘C’ Magistrate Court in Charlestown Nevis, resumed its usual sitting on Tuesday, August 29, 2017, before Her Honor Yasmine Clarke.

The first matter to be heard was that of Lincoln Amory, a resident of Ramsbury Site in Charlestown. He was charged for breaking and larceny and pleaded guilty to both charges.

According to Prosecutor, Joel Caines, on Monday, January 5, 2017, someone made a call and reported that the Red Cross Building was broken into and some items were stolen.  He indicated that when the police arrived on the scene, they discovered a broken window and blood appeared to be on the floor. Caines said that the officers journeyed to the Alexander Hospital and upon arrival they saw the defendant Lincoln Amory tending to his injuries.

Caines told the Court, that the defendant had three bags in his possession and the Police searched the bags. Caines pointed out, that two cell phones, an amplifier and a mic cord were found in the bags. The Prosecutor said that when the defendant was questioned about having stolen the items, he admitted that he did take the items. He was taken to the Charlestown Police Station.

Prosecutor Caines said that they contacted Mr. Vaughn Anslyn, to identify the stolen items. He noted that Anslyn said the mic cord was his because of certain marks he had placed on them. He was also the owner of the amplifier and the two cell phones were the property of Mrs. Roxanne Brookes. Brookes currently serves as Director of the Nevis Red Cross.

Her Honor asked the defendant if he had anything to say and he replied and said “I ain have nothing to say”. Her Honor told Amory that she was of the view, that he likes being in prison since he was sure of somewhere to sleep and three square meals. She continued, “You were going so well keeping yourself out of prison, but maybe you like being there since you will have some place to sleep and food to eat”. Her Honor sentenced the defendant to two years in prison. She said that she took into consideration that he was remanded for the past eight months having been there since January.

The second matter before the Court was that of Veron Cole of Brick Kiln Village. He was charged for the possession of cannabis with the intent to supply. Cole entered a guilty plea. According to Prosecutor Caines, on Monday, October 3, 2016, a search warrant was executed on the premises of the defendant for firearms, ammunition and illegal drugs. Caines pointed out that the officers searched the defendant’s vehicle and found cannabis. He noted that the officers spoke to Cole and Cole told them that they were trying to set him up. He told the Court that Cole was taken to the police station.

When the Prosecution failed to present the cannabis as evidence before the Court, Her Honor convicted and cautioned the defendant and told him that he was free to leave.


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