Donald Hendrickson – Making A Dream A Reality

Charlestown, Nevis – As the ongoing global pandemic started to take its toll in 2020, mask-wearing became a norm, as mandated by the Health officials, as means of preventing the spread of the deadly virus.  Even as many persons gravitated towards cloth masks, the people in the know, indicated that the surgical masks offered much more protection to the wearers.

Nevisian Businessman, Donald Hendrickson, indicated in a recent interview with SKN Newsline, that he started a charitable program of issuing masks to various individuals, including busmen, as in his regular woodwork business, he was accustomed to wearing masks and had some in stock.

It eventually dawned on him that instead of continuing to buy such masks at the supermarkets and pharmacies, he could make his own.

He later ordered the necessary equipment; found an appropriate building and has started a mini mask-making factory, capable of producing close to 30,000 masks per day, to supply a local market in St. Kitts and Nevis and he plans to move to the next level soon, to supply the international market.

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