Donkeys being culled in Nevis?

By Monique Washington

A brutal image of animal cruelty was on display at the Solid Waste Landfill, Long Point, Nevis on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. These gory images later were sent out via videos and social media.

Nevispages visited the landfill on Wednesday morning and observed several animal parts in a pit burning. One donkey was half out of the pit, while the other half was burning inside the pit.

Officials on site never said how the animals got there or who was responsible for such actions. Some person assumed that they may have been animals that were struck by vehicles and were brought to the pit.

However, Honorable Carlisle Powell, Senator in the Nevis Island Assembly has laid the blame for the animals

on the Ministry of Agriculture, Nevis Island Administration and the Minister of Agriculture, Hon. Alexis Jeffers.

Powell, via a social media post accused Alexis Jeffers and the CCM government to “have resorted to slaughtering those beasts of burdens which were poor people’s transportation not so long ago”

“Without a single forethought of how such a valuable resource be sustainably utilized, orders of shoot to kill on these hapless beasts have been issued. Callously shot with rifles and shot guns from every corner of this island”

Powell claims that the animals are gathered up in a crane truck that was bought “specifically” for this purpose of carrying the carcasses to various trenches on the island and burnt.

He concluded that “To date over 500 of these once proud beasts of burden have been shot, burnt and buried in a most inhumane and undignified manner”.

Nevispages cannot verify the claims of Honorable Powell. However, we will endeavor to follow up this story by contacting the Ministry of Agriculture.

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