By: Curtis Morton

Gingerland –Nevis-Her actual birth date is July 10th and on that significant day, a celebration of sorts was held at her original place of birth at The Valley.

However, on Sunday 19th July, family members organized a major celebration at the Emmaus Chapel in Webbe’s Ground, in honour of Nevis’ latest centenarian.

On the program outline used for the day, her name is clearly stated as Albertine ‘Dovie’ Elliott but when Minister responsible for Social Development on the island,

Hon Hazel Brandy-Williams, addressed the gathering, she made the startling revelation that the name on the birth certificate and therefore the one used by Queen Elizabeth the second in her congratulatory message, was Christobelle Albena Elliott.

Minister Williams was also quick to point out that the birth certificate had another surprise.  ‘Dovie’ Elliot was actually born in the St.James’ Parish and not St.George’s as was the previous understanding. The Valley, as was indicated, falls in the St.James’ Parish.

Minister Brandy-Williams opened the sealed envelope received from the Queen and read the congratulatory message aloud. With the assistance of Deputy Director at the Ministry of Social Services, Miss Joyce Moven, she also presented the beaming celebrant with a plaque, a fruit basket and a voucher for $100.00, complements of the Ministry of Social Development and the City Drug store.

The ceremony was ably chaired by Pastor G Sydney Newton and featured prayer by Rev Careen Whyte Richardson; scripture readings and renditions by Meredith and Sylvia Hendrickson and several church groups.

There was also a well received dance by some of the grandchildren of the centenarian.

Premier of Nevis, Hon Vance Amory also delivered brief remarks and noted that the words of wisdom he would have gained by interacting with Miss Elliot over the years, have held him in good stead as a leader of the country. He congratulated her warmly and wished her many more happy years of life.

Miss Elliot’s grandson, Ayo Mills then performed a stunning rendition on drums, accompanied by his tutor, Binghi Parris and this was followed by a superb original poem done by her niece, Leona Freeman.

Another highlight of the afternoon’s proceedings, was the presentation of an 8 minute video, featuring the life and times of the celebrant.

In her response, which was very clearly delivered, Miss Elliot thanked God for her long life and also thanked her family members and others who have assisted her throughout the years.

She even quoted verbatim from Psalm 91.

The closing prayer was delivered by Mr. Joseph Liburd and then the gathering retired to the exterior of the church for a sumptuous luncheon and a more light hearted ceremony which was chaired by Mr. Charles Bussue.

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